08, 鱼尾纹

我的脸上的沟壑是你的应许之地 那些山一样的褶皱是水的波纹 偶尔有春风拂上仿似凝固的荡漾 从不曾打扰相对而视安静的鱼群
相思的液体黏稠又甘醇 它的细节可以无限放大装得下所有的云 有时候不知道是谁摆镜子 看轻轻摆动的鱼尾,正是岁月的魂
The gully on my face is your promised land Those mountain-like folds are ripples of water Occasionally, the spring blows on the rippling that looks like solidification Never disturb the couple of fish and their quiet
Yearning is thick and sweet like liquid It’s details can be enlarged infinitely to hold cloud Sometimes I don’t know who put the mirror Look at the lightly swinging fish tail, it is the years under the crow’s feet