Google Appengine发布最新roadmap

或许在不久的未来,Google将会推出储存服务,如谣传已久的Gdrive。kuber 写道 “appengine team 更新了Roadmap页面。最新的roadmap显示了在未来半年内会推出以下功能:

  • Service for storing and serving large files
  • Incoming email support
  • Support for mapping operations across datasets
  • Cursors for continuing results of Datastore queries past the 1000 entity limit
  • Alerting system for exceptions in your application
  • Datastore dump and restore facility

看来search 功能还遥遥无期啊。除此之外还是挺令人期待的。比如说大文件功能, 说不定可以自己用gae 做个图片上传和外链服务,或者弄文件上传/同步服务,象dropbox 这样的?还有,datastore 查询最多1000条的限制也会通过cursor 支持得到突破。另外“Support for mapping operations across datasets”不知道具体指什么,是MapReducce中的map吗? 希望有了解的同学指教。

作为对比, 可以看看appengine team 之前两次发布的roadmap(来自google appengine 官方blog):

Feb 2009:

  • Support for running scheduled tasks
  • Task queues for performing background processing
  • Ability to receive and process incoming email
  • Support for sending and receiving XMPP (Jabber) messages

Oct 2008:

  • Service for storing and serving large files
  • Datastore import and export utility for large-scale databases
  • Billing: developers can pay for more resource usage
  • Support for a new runtime language
  • Uptime monitoring site

可以看到除了去年10月份的”Service for storing and serving large files” 被推迟到这次的roadmap 以外, 其他的feature 都如期发布了.


我最关心的是Task queues for performing background processing。


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