FreeBSD Xen 3.0 配置指南



FreeBSD Xen 3.0 配置指南

这个是从一个老外的站点上弄来的,希望能对想在FreeBSD下使用Xen 3.0的朋友起到点帮助。
This file is extremely dated at this point.

One should be able to build by running the setup script and then running the build
script on a machine running freebsd.

Also be aware that I have done nothing to fix bugs here in over 8 months. Currently
my efforts are going towards getting FreeBSD -CURRENT up and running on xen 3.0.

– Kip Macy 05.12.25

This assumes that you are running Xen 2.0 testing

Running the current image:
1) download kernel, mdroot-5.3-small.gz, freebsd.sample, and xenargs.sample
2) uncompress the kernel and mdroot (the mdroot requires 406MB uncompressed)
3) export the mdroot as a loopback device:
> /sbin/losetup /dev/loopa /var/mdroot
(This may not work if you have an older losetup – FC2 is known to work)
4) localize the freebsd.sample to your environment
5) run the xenargs.sample script
6) There is no root password
— If you have problems you can boot into single user mode (look at the options in
freebsd.sample) and edit /etc/rc.conf to reflect your environment

Building the current image:
1) on a machine running FreeBSD 5.3 download i386-xeno.tgz
# cd /sys
# tar xzf ~/i386-xeno.tgz
# cd conf
(assumes csh)
# foreach file ( ../i386-xeno/sys/conf/*.i386-xeno )
foreach? ln -s $file
# cd ../i386-xeno/conf/
—– # create compile directory ——-
# config XENCONF
Kernel build directory is ../compile/XENCONF
Don’t forget to do a “make depend”
# cd ../../include/
—– # link in xen interface headers ——-
# ln -s /t/niners/users/xen/xen-2.0-testing.bk/xen/include/public hypervisor-ifs
# cd ../compile/XENCONF
# make kernel-depend
—– # build kernel ——-
# make -j4 kernel
linking kernel.debug
text data bss dec hex filename
2057881 135964 179472 2373317 2436c5 kernel.debug
objcopy –strip-debug kernel.debug kernel



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