Zenoss Core

Zenoss Core是开源企业级IT管理软件-是智能监控软件,他允许IT管理员依靠单一的WEB控制台来监控网络架构的状态和健康度。Zenoss Core同时也是开源的网络与系统管理软件。
Zenoss Core
Zenoss Core的强大能力来自于深入的列表与配置管理数据库,以发现和管理公司IT环境的各类资产(包括服务器、网络、和其他结构设备)。Zenoss可以创建 关键资产清单和对应的组件级别(接口、服务、进程,已安装的软件等)。建立好模型后,就可以监控与报告IT架构中各种资源的状态和性能容限了。 Zenoss同时提供与CMDB关联的事件和错误管理系统,以协助提高各类事件和提醒的管理效率。以此提高IT管理人员的效率。


Zenoss Enterprise Features
Zenoss Enterprise

> A Single Product for Full Operational Awareness
* One Source for Real-Time Visibility into Your Entire IT Infrastructure
* One Application to Discover, Model, Monitor, Manage Events, Alert, Remediate and Report
* One Product for you to Administer and Maintain
> Scale to Manage Tens of Thousands of Resources
* Horizontally Scale to Manage Your Entire Infrastructure
* Built to Scale for the Needs of Large Enterprises and Service Providers
* Proven in Large, Mission Critical Environments
> Virtual and Physical Infrastructure Management in a Single Pane of Glass
* One source for an integrated understanding of Virtual and Physical Infrastructure
* Automatically Discover and Track Dynamic Relationships and Performance Over Time
* No Agents Required – Means Easy, Streamlined Deployment