Kirix™ Strata™

Kirix™ Strata™ is an ad hoc data analysis and reporting tool built for people who work with, manipulate and analyze structured data.  Strata is easy to use, has the power you need to work with large files, and helps you get your work done faster:

  • Access data from anywhere (Oracle, SQL Server, CSV, XLS, EBCDIC, HTML, etc.)
  • Freedom from file size limitations (60 billion rows and 18 petabytes per table)
  • Speed, flexibility, and agility (designed for data usability, not data management)

这是一个开发人员想用的工具。当然,此类工具甚多,TOAD, EMS…还有PL Developer。当然了,Kirix Strata与他们都不同。这是一个数据库分析和报告工具。支持广泛的数据库系统,比如Oracle, SQL Server, CSV等。



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