Notepad2 是一款轻量级的、免费的、开源的类似于 Windows 记事本的文本编辑器。Notepad2 内置已对一些常用的文件支持语法高亮。
– 语法高亮: HTML、XML、PHP、ASP (JS、VBS)、CSS、JavaScript、VBScript、C/C++、C#、资源脚本、Makefiles、Java、Assembly、Pascal、Visual Basic、SQL、Perl、Python、配置文件、Apache
– 完全支持内部或外部文本拖曳编辑
– 支持基础的正则表达式搜索与替换
– 支持单词、行与块编辑操作
– 支持选择矩形区域 (Alt+鼠标)
– 支持括号匹配、自动缩进、行标记、缩放等
– 支持 Unicode、UTF-8、Unix 与 Mac 文本文件
– 支持打开外壳链接
– 支持对程序进行最大化地调整

A few years ago, I found myself writing my first PHP projects using metapad. When I was looking around for text editors with syntax highlighting, I have come across the Scintilla source code editing component. I was very much impressed by this project, so I decided to create my own Scintilla-based text editor.

The result is Notepad2, a fast and light-weight Notepad-like text editor with syntax highlighting. This program can be run out of the box without installation, and does not touch your system’s registry.

Kai Liu, who has already contributed fundamental improvements to my original version, is maintaining anExtended Version of Notepad2, to support code folding, an installer allowing clean and completely undoable Windows Notepad replacement, additional syntax schemes, and other improvements.


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