WinxGui is composed of some sub-libraries. They are winsdkwtlstdextwinx.

winsdkwtl are 3rdparty libraries. winsdk is Windows Platform SDK, which is provided by Microsoft. wtl is Windows Template Library. It is a C++ library for developing Windows applications and UI components. It extends ATL (Active Template Library) and provides a set of classes for controls, dialogs, frame windows, GDI objects, and more.

stdext is a GUI-less library. stdext means STL (Standard Template Library) extensions. It extends STL and provides a set of classes for diagnosis, memory management, unit tests, file io, etc. stdext is self systematic. It depends nothing else, and you can use it freely.

winx is the core of WinxGui library, of course. It depends winsdk(optional), wtl, and stdext. You may ask me why you based on WTL. In Dive into WinxGui I will answer the question.

In fact, stdext library is more general and useful than winx. So, we decided to release stdext library independently. Its homepage is The wiki of stdext library is


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