Mercurial – 分布式版本控制系统



Mercurial 是一种轻量级分布式版本控制系统,采用 Python 语言实现,易于学习和使用,扩展性强。其是基于 GNU General Public License (GPL) 授权的开源项目。相对于传统的版本控制,具有如下优点:

  • 更轻松的管理。传统的版本控制系统使用集中式的 repository,一些和 repository相关的管理就只能由管理员一个人进行。由于采用了分布式的模型,Mercurial 中就没有这样的困扰,每个用户管理自己的 repository,管理员只需协调同步这些repository。
  • 更健壮的系统。分布式系统比集中式的单服务器系统更健壮,单服务器系统一旦服务器出现问题整个系统就不能运行了,分布式系统通常不会因为一两个节点而受到影响。
  • 对网络的依赖性更低。由于同步可以放在任意时刻进行,Mercurial 甚至可以离线进行管理,只需在有网络连接时同步。

使用python开发,这个我喜欢。需要研究的内容很多。git, mercurial。

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  1. 来自sourceforge.net的消息说

    Mercurial Multiple Repository Support
    On 2009-08-13 will be rolling out multiple repository support per-project for Mercurial repositories. To do this, all repositories must be restructured which will interrupt repository function for short periods at a time. After which, you will want to start pushing and pulling your changes from the new location.

    The following major changes will be noted:

    The normal repository location will be renamed to match that of the project. For example, what used to be at will now be located at All other URLs will modify similarly.
    Some old URL references will redirect appropriately, but not all will. There will be some URL breakage as a result of this change. This breakage is not avoidable as we want to keep the same naming structure for all SCMs.
    The current web viewer will display a list of repositories available to view, as opposed to the default repository
    Repositories may be added to the directory and/or modified directly from the shell service. Use of adminrepo via the shell for Mercurial will be removed. This will provide much greater manipulation ability, but should be respected given the additional power afforded.
    The Project Feed data relating to Mercurial will be emptied and regenerated for all projects. This may take a week or more to complete.
    Projects desiring this feature for other SCMs will be glad to hear that we do plan on rolling out similar features for Bazaar and Git. We do not plan on offering multiple repository support for CVS or SVN.



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